Mobile Platform

Support for a mobile phone is built into your site, Please note, this first version release does not yet support every plugin offered by our software, though we will be updating each plugin to be fully supported in the coming weeks.

What you can expect:

Mobile supported websites are intended to be extremely light weight versions of the desk top pages. As such we have built the mobile platform to only show the center panels of each page. Blocks will not be visible when using mobile devices, unless the user clicks the 'View Desktop Version' link from their mobile device.

Plugins supported at this time are: Business Diretcory, Coupons, Events Calendar, Classifieds, and Real Estate.

Any page using the TOP navigation setting (or both top and block) will show in the page list when viewed in mobile device. Pages usisng hidden or block navigation will not be visible in the page list. We recommend adding the Site Map plugin page to your top navigation if you wish all pages to be accessible.

Every page you create with the page editor will now allow you to show the desktop version as mobile supported content. As mentioned above, just the center panel will display. However, we built in the ability for you to offer two distinctly different versions of your page should you choose to do so. The page editor is now split into two version: Desktop or Mobile.

What this means is you can have different content visible when viewing from a mobile device than when viewing from a desktop computer. See the below screenshots for reference.


By clicking the option to enable mobile content and specifmg a slimmer
version of the page, this is what I can show instead!


How to use the Mobile Version of the Editor:

A couple of rules you will need to know when considering content to fit in a mobile supported browser:

  • Larger images will not fit if using pixel hieght and width setting. You will need to chnage the setting to be 100% for width, leave the height value blank and set the border to 0 or a preferred border value. Do not leave border value empty.
  • Smaller images should be no wider than 225 pixels.  Otherwise follow recommendations above for larger images.
  • Tables are tricky. Tables should only use percent settings for height or width. You may find usisng tables in mobile version to not be preferrable and may need to find an alternate layout method for this content.

In order to specify Mobile content, you must click the option titled

Next you must click the MOBILE tab just above the editor window. By default the DESKTOP version opens when the Page Editor is first opened. You will recongnize the DESKTOP enabled editor by its blue border as shown below.

Clicking the MOBILE tab will switch the editor to mobile soecific editor and allow you to twaek the page content for information that will be seen when viewing this page from mobile devices such as cell phones. You will recongnize the MOBILE enabled editor by its red border as shown below.

You can switch back and forth between the two tabs and work on both pages simutaneously. Clicking the UPDATE PAGE button at the bottom of the editing page will commit your changes for both desktop and mobile verions.


Below I have added the mobile icon images I have created for your use. You can right mouse click and save them individually for use on your site, or you can download the collection here in a zipfile. City America sites created on or after October 16, 2012 already have these images installed to their editor in a folder titled 'mobile'.  If you wish us to create custom icons related to your area using iconic images from around your town, please contact us for a quote.




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