Private Messaging
Allow users to send private messages to one another on your web site.

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What is Private Messaging?
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A personal message or private message, often shortened to PM, is like an e-mail sent from one Internet forum or bulletin board system user to another user on the same forum.

Personal messages are more anonymous than regular e-mail messages because the e-mail address and IP address of the sender and recipient are not made available, with the exception of administrators and sometimes moderators.This feature is usually implemented on Internet forums and Internet Relay Chat.

What you will learn in this section:
- How to install this plugin
- How to send a private message as a user

Important Message:
As with most Internet features that allow users to email or post messages, this feature may be abused from time to time by unscrupulous users who chose to use the option for their own spamming needs or other unsavory purposes. If you chose to allow Private Messaging on your site, it will ultimately be up to you to police such activity and to address any complaints received by your users.

Users who abuse this option can be suspended in the Users section of your Admin Control Panel, or you can block the IP address of the offending user in your Security Center plugin.

- - If you are not comfortable with this responsibility, we strongly suggest you do not use this plugin. - -

You will first need to Install the Plug-in, if it is not already installed.
Click the Install the Plug-in link if you need instruction on installing a new plugin.

The installation of this plugin is all that is necessary to set it up. Once it has been installed it is all ready for use by your users and no further configuration is necessary.

How to send a private message as a user:

You will need to login in order to send a private message. There are two ways in which a private message can be sent:

Private messages can be sent from within any of the pages which a user might list an ad (ex: business directory listings, real estate listings, classified ads, auction ads, etc). If the option for private messaging is supported, you will see the option as part of the listing or ad details. It will be a simple text link which says: Send private message and whether or not the user is currently online or offline.

The other way a user can send a private message to another user would be directly from their User Control Panel by first clicking the 'Private Messaging' icon. Then they need only click the ' Send a message' link and complete the short form to submit their message.

Private Message Settings

A user can decide for themselves whether or not they wish to accpet private messages from other users. The can do this by clicking the 'Settings' option from within their User Control Panel --> Private Messaging plugin. They would simply toggle the option for 'Accept private messages' to either yes or no. In this area, they can also select how they wish to be notified of new private messages.

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